Lexie Griffiths

Lexies Funnmore vision was to find an I've fulfilled a vision: A festival for those who find joy in movement and want to experience a unique time with laughing friends in a beautiful setting.


With funnmore, this vision has been a reality for over 20 years.


An amazing team that motivates you to move with fun, along with sunshine, delicious food, entertainment, hugs, and loads of energy.


I'm so excited to share my enthusiasm and the contagious 'Sizzle Feeling'.


Looking forward to having you with us!

Esben Aalvik

Hello again! A year without funnmore is simply unimaginable for me.


I've been there from the very beginning, and I adore this community, where we have a blast together whether with or without Jane Fonda outfits.


Teaching and training worldwide is my passion.


As the 'SOCIAL MANAGER,' I infuse my classes with a lot of joy, fun, and humor.


I thoroughly enjoy spreading this positive energy!


See you soon!


Evelyn Wendt

How lucky I am to have been organizing funnmore with wonderful friends for so long and to have met so many amazing people.


In addition to creatively shaping the program, yoga is my passion, and my heart beats for it.


In my sessions, I create ample space for your growth, to recharge your energy, and to feel your body.


You breathe in the fresh pine air, gaze into the treetops, and when we sense that sense of community in yoga, where everyone can just be themselves - there's nothing more beautiful.


See you soon in beautiful Lykia


Nicole Kühn

Come and experience my unique blend of pure energy, strength, and empathy!


Just like in previous years, we'll embark on a journey of discovery, and my experience as a Personal Coach, Personal Trainer, Fitness Presenter, and KamiBo Master Trainer will infuse into my classes.


Look forward to a range of sessions from Pilates to Kamibo, and feel your strength, flexibility, and fitness.


Oh, it's going to be wonderful again.

Marco Colella

Lass den Tiger in dir erwachen und entdecke deine kämpferische Seite.


Seit vielen Jahren bin ich Teil davon und freue mich, bekannte sowie neue Gesichter zu sehen.


In meinen Klassen wie 'Boost Your Beast', 'Mobility' und 'Athletic Moves' bringe ich dein Bestes zum Vorschein.


Mach dir jedoch keine Sorgen, ich begleite dich dabei stets mit einem Lächeln und einer Leichtigkeit, die jede meiner Klassen zu einem gemeinsamen Erlebnis machen!

Annkathrin Bauer (Annkay)

I combine my original love for dance with a distinct touch of functional movement principles from the fitness world.


Intuitive sense of movement converges with my passion for inspiring people.

Through movement, I've found my way of communicating.


Natural authenticity and honesty are my companions.


They guide me in leading you to your healthy boundaries, enabling inner and outer growth.


"Take good care of yourself - only then can you give from the heart."


I'm looking forward to accompanying you once again on this journey.

Kelly Clayden

I'm Kelly. I've been traveling to beautiful Lykia for many years, have been a participant at funnmore, and I'm thrilled to be joining as a Guest Presenter this year.


As a passionate fitness and personal trainer, and an experienced presenter brimming with energy, we're going to rock the event.


With a focus on HIIT Step and Body Combat, I'll get you sweating, and with new innovative ideas, we're going to have a ton of fun.


Gertrud Wulf

For an eternity, I've been a fan of funnmore and Lykia.


I know every corner of the facility, understand how everything runs seamlessly, and that's why I coordinate our organizing team with joy and dedication.


So, if you need a secret tip for anything, I'm here for you.

Alina Silicka

How wonderful that I'll be joining for the second time in 2024, and we'll be reuniting.


With 10 years in social dance and over 18 years in the fitness industry as a trainer, health club manager, and group training program manager, I'm well-equipped.


I am a proud member of the international YAB FITNESS training team and a fitness moderator. My repertoire includes KamiBo, YAB FITNESS, BODYART XCROSS, TRX, and TRX RIP, Step und Dance Trainer.


As you can see, we're going to have a great time together.


"The more you give, the more you receive. People first." This philosophy is dear to me and shapes my lifestyle.

Mathias Naujocks

With my positive energy, I aim to inspire people to move and create a unique atmosphere.


I am a certified dance instructor with numerous qualifications as a Master and Elite Instructor.


My international career spans an impressive 24 years, taking me to many countries and cities, including Lykia, and of course, my beloved Berlin, where I was born and currently reside.


With my passion for movement, dance, and sports, I turn every class into a unique experience. Let's get active together!"

Our international, friendly and fun experts, our hard-working organisation crew and the support of Ulas and the Lykia sport team, who do their utmost to go the extra mile - we all share the same values and goal : to give you the best time of your life!