Lexie Griffiths

Lexies Funnmore vision was to find an amazing location in the sun where fitness and friends come together to share an unforgettable week of sport, laughter, great food, entertainment, hugs and sizzles!

As well as injecting energy and enthusiasm and inspiring seminars, she selects a team to create a programme of excellence for all levels of fitness!.

Esben Aalvik

Our Norwegian presenter Esben has played a vital part in the funnmore story.

He was one of the original presenters,  and educates and presents inter-nationally.

He is our Social Manager and his classes are full of joy, laughter and great moves!


Evelyn Wendt

Evelyn has been Lexie’s right hand woman and organised Funnmore since 1999.

Her expertise and passion is yoga—her focus is on helping you to develop and find your own inner energy, and awareness of your body. Her choice of music and words accompanies you on your journey = emotion pure! 


Neil Bates

Mathias’ positive energy is just contagious. With his likeable charisma and his exciting classes he inspires people to move and creates an extraordinary atmosphere in every workout. He makes every class a unique experience and might sometimes bring you to unknown limits with ease and fun.

Mathias is a former professional Dance Teacher and holds several Master and Elite Instructor Certifications in the Fitness Industry .

Marco Colella

Wake up your Tiger-Discover the Warrior in you! Marco will push you to your limits with boost your beast, Athletic moves, Kamibo and training that will challenge and push you to your limits. All this accompanied with charisma, empathy and fun!




Annkathrin Bauer (Annkay)

Annkay has been living her passion for group fitness and personal training for years and over time has gone deeper and deeper into many holistic health topics, especially the holistic philosophy of yoga and functional movement science. Among other things, trained as a yoga teacher and Holisticsana coach. "Take good care of yourself - only then can you give from the heart."

Sergej Lee Oborovski

Are you ready for this? Sergejs legendary mix of power, energy and elegance!


From Pilates Flow to H.I.T.T classes and Kamibo - Sergey releases the beast in you.

His team-teaching classes with Marco are another highlight of the event!

MIchael dela Cruz

Michael has been a Fitness Presenter for 25 years and during this time has created three international fitness programmes-
KamiBo, YAB.BODYSYSTEM and Shadowboxer.  In his work as personal trainer, life coach and educator he his know for his motivational, unique style. 


Don’t miss this chance to experience Michael and learn his principles from YIN & YANG  to help you build a positive, dynamic YOU!

Sarah Frössl

Sarah has been a fitness trainer for 20 years. Her passion is functional training and muscle length training. Since summer 2021, she is a certified pain coach at HolisticCoaching by Claudio Trento. She is also currently in training to become a nutrition and mental coach. Sarah also teaches yoga, fascia training, rehabilitation sports and Five classes.





Martin Zieralko

Martin has been an acclaimed international Fitness Presenter for over 15 years. He is known for his wonderful, creative and easy to follow dance and step choreography both as a top presenter and IFAA Master Instructor and educator, teaching instructors all over Europe and Asia. Above all, he has a unique style of combining his personality and expertise to create fun, happy classes - you will be captivated by his infectious smile. Experience Martin not only in these classes but also in Pilates, Conditioning and more!

Gertrud | Steffi | Philipp

Gertrud, Steffi and Philipp are a dream team. They are there for you and your questions, have the organization perfectly under control and all this always with a wonderful smile.

Natascha Gohl

Alina is a certified group fitness and personal trainer. Came to fitness form professional 10 years ballroom dance life. She has over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry as a trainer, health club manager and also as a group training program manager. She is part of the international team of trainers from YAB FITNESS and fitness moderator. 


"The more you give, the more you receive. People first." That's important to me and that's my way of life.

Nicole Kühn

Come and enjoy Nicole’s mix of high energy, power and empathy!  She is a highly acclaimed personal coach, personal trainer, fitness presenter and KamiBo master trainer. Look forward and enjoy Pilates to Kamibo and experience classes which embody strength, trust and safety in her unique style.

Our international, friendly and fun experts, our hard-working organisation crew and the support of Ulas and the Lykia sport team, who do their utmost to go the extra mile - we all share the same values and goal : to give you the best time of your life!